Project description

Helsinki’s skyline will go through a major shift during the upcoming years, as there are plans to build first true skyscrapers to the city. We gathered Helsinki’s open data 3D model, 3D models of the buildings, and used Unreal Engine for the first time to create a vision of next decade’s Helsinki.

What makes this project innovative?

Using game industry's toolsets is a first for us, and we believe there haven't been many attempts elsewhere either. Unreal Engine allowed us to create a very sophisticated look into future's capital.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The story was among our most read during publishing week. It stirred a lot of interest among our readers, as the method was a first in Finland.

Source and methodology

Our motion graphic designer downloaded big chunks of satellite 3D imagery of Helsinki, which the city provides as open data. Using 3D softwares Modo and Meshlab the data was streamlined to import it to Unreal Engine. That data was combined with 3D models provided by building companies. After this we were able to do scenes over a virtual Helsinki.

Technologies Used

Unreal Engine, Modo, fullpage.js

Project members

Uolevi Holmberg, Lari Malmberg, Juhani Saarinen, Elisa Bestetti



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