Project description

This story is about education situation in Tribal areas of Pakistan called Federal Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA). where how the current situation in face by locals, which need attention of the concerns authorities. Like low literacy and significant out-of-school children paint a grim picture of education in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) where 5 out of 10 schools lack basic facilities, propounding the implications on local children’s enrollments and dropouts. Previously, the government had doubled the expenditure on education, during the hard-hit militancy era, but no tangible development was witnessed in the in FATA. No such monetisation plan was plan for this as the main aim was to raise the issue in-front of the relevant authorities for quick actions!

What makes this project innovative?

The graphs and categorisations of the content which help readers to read this story in different chunks incase they dont have such time to read the full story in one go. the story which not only limited to the focus only but help others to navigate the links for your own new stories idea. the story focus was only remain with facilities but have measure with the current issues as well and explained.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

although data-driven project not have a quick response in the shape of impact, but pop-up the issue in-front of the relevant authorities for further actions. And help them their time to find the calculated challenges.

Source and methodology

the idea been pitch from the already published reports of FATA secretariat (the concern official authority), then proper data collection process were made and got official data from the concern authority for further analysis conclusion of my research on data. the data which is again verified from the relevant authority and other sources. hypothesis created and questions created for proves and disproved, visualisation and structuring content process made, and then different kind of interviews been conducted. and then at the end all the content organised and did write the final data-driven writes.

Technologies Used

Excel, MS Word, Amcharts, Adobe Fireworks, Internet, Tabula


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