Project description

This story is about growing threats to data privacy, and how this privacy is breach and which countries user are more vulnerable than others while using internet or participating over internet from different countries. The story which explain the growing threats and aware readers across the globe to know about their privacy concerns. This story produced during the first ever professional data journalism program despite a background of journalism, this was a good learning to produced such data-driven stories in this way of kick start in the data journalism. further as mentions thatconcern about mass surveillance is growing across the world as huge amount of personal information captured by social media companies and data collections by law enforcement agencies worldwide monitor citizen’s data. At the same time, governments are racing to protect data in the face of widespread attacks on user data such as the recent case of 3.5m in US, India and Pakistan which held hostage personal data of over 3.7 hundred thousand citizens, governments and companies.No such monetisation plan were plan for this as this story was produced in the learning period and in one the more reader is reach the website can create some ads from the third party soruce to support us for future productions.

What makes this project innovative?

Although as graphs and valid sources driven story give sense about the real content rather than opinionated. the innovation in this story about to explain things in the light of every user concerns and calculation of times. for instance facebook user in US 35 times more vulnerable than India.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The impact of this story was like the more user have been read this story over social media and shared. which was the main objective to aware internet users about the growing threats to their data privacy. and as simple to calculate the impact from different angle for this story we measure it from different directions, like social media, others website quoted and comments.

Source and methodology

multi sources been used for this data-driven article, all of the data were available online at different social media portals in the sections of transparency reports. and for local like country Pakistan data were get from PTA website.

Technologies Used

excel, tableau public, adobe fireworks, MS word.


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