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A main objective of TV serial Green Patrol in Action is to make visible negative anthropogenic influence on environment and a quality of citizens’ life and to contribute, through a media pressure on decision makers, to improvement of legal frame related to adaptation to climate changes. TV serial faces public and decision makers with dramatic consequences of CO2 emission. Since 2010 it systematically prepares citizens and decision makers for climate uncertainty. A project contributes to social, environmental and economic welfare. Local residents with environmental problems are encouraged and supported to continue their action for environmental protection and against corruption in a field of environmental protection. Each TV show is recorded on a basis of citizens’ and local environmental CSOs registering of an environmental problem. Local residents and local environmental CSOs as well, do not have an access to media and justice in general. Local authorities and local media are very often corrupted by companies which pollute environment. Green Patrol in Action provides them to cope to a problem since a TV serial is broadcasted on more than 100 local, regional and international TV stations. TV serial broadcasting often provokes public reaction, which makes pressure on decision makers to adjust laws, rules and procedures to EU good practices. TV serial discourages potential polluters to undertake polluting actions since many of them were revealed. Some of the problems were solved after TV shows broadcasting. Any of the facts presented in the TV shows were not disputed at all, so a TV serial has its credibility in public and within the decision makers group. Many acknowledgements were awarded to Green Patrol in Action for investigative journalism, documentary film and coverage. Each year 12 new TV shows are recorded and other already recorded topics are continuously monitored and updated. TV shows are translated to other languages, which increases their influence and broadens a number of citizens who are following it. TV shows have informational and educational aspects and calls for action.

What makes this project innovative?

The project makes innovative journalistic approach:- The theme for the recording is selected based on the application of environmental activists- Combine the approach to documentation, statements by stakeholders, experts and decision makers- the themes are followed up to the final solution and updated

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

After broadcasting, it often happens that the problem is resolved or diminished. We document this in the "what was after"

Source and methodology

The Green Patrol team receives a large number of reports of corruption in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development.We only record topics that have exhausted all legal options for resolving.When we come to record the show, environmental activists and NGOs already have extensive documentation, photographs and videos that testify to the credibility of the problem and the consequences for the quality of life of citizens.

Technologies Used

-Premier Adobe

Project members

Milica Alavanja, journalist and editingStanislav Kralj, cameramanAleksa Šainović, cameramanRade Ivanović, cameraman Miloš Runjajić, speakerdr Milan Matavulj, expert advisordr Milica Matavulj ,expert advisor


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