Project description

Taiwan Railway 6432 Puyuma train was derailed in front of Suao Xinma Station at 4:50 pm on October 21, 2018, causing serious casualties, 18 people were killed and 190 injured. On October 25th, the communication records of the dispatchers and drivers of the Taiwan Railways were exposed. We used the map and interactive dialogues to bring readers back to the situation on the day.

What makes this project innovative?

We used two ways to present the communication record of the event. One is to use the hand-drawn map and the dialogue time so that the reader can clearly know the position of the train and the reaction of the driver on the road before the train derailed. The other is to take readers back to the train incident through google earth and learn about the circumstances under which the train may have an accident.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

This way of expression makes the general public more aware of the occurrence of train derailing events, and cares about the follow-up processing of the Taiwan Railway, in order to supervise legislators continue to ask the Taiwan Railways to submit a complete report.

Source and methodology

We use the communication record of the event from Taiwan Railway.

Technologies Used

This project is made by Vue.js and official router library to implement a single page application. In this project, we transform the chat record of Puyuma Express derailment into a structural, time-oriented JSON format data, and binding this data with a mobile-first, message-app-like design to illustrating the chat record during the emergency situation. By integrating the scroll-based storytelling library Scrollama.js, we can illustrate the Puyuma Express’s location and Puyuma Express’s status while reader is scrolling through the chat record messages.

Project members

Producer: Chien Hsin-chan Design: Chen Yi-Chian, Hsu Ling-Wei Web-developing: Hsiung Kai Wen Video: Chien Hsin-chan, Lee Yu Ju Data: Chen Tzy-Tyn, Li Chao-Yen




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