Project description

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells with only average five-year survival. Possible symptoms indicating cancer can also have other causes, which makes it difficult to prevent at an early time. Therefore, it is important for all healthy people to be aware of what types of cancer have a relatively highest incidence at a chosen age group, which should be paid more attention to.

There are two filters for the gender and region, and another slider to choose an age group. We divided the age group from 1 to 100 by five. Readers can easily choose the age range they are interested in by dragging the slider and select the dropdown filter to find out the difference between men and women, China and the world. Specific judgments will show in the graph while adjusting the filters and slider.

What makes this project innovative?

The interactive visualization with judgments analyzed from data is the most appealing part. We show the top five types of cancer of high incidence rate with five shades of red dots on the body. We created this interactive visualization based on the data from Global Cancer Observatory, which shows age-standardized incidence rates in 2018 in a bar chart. Though a bar chart is easier to read than the rough data, to put the red dots on a body can take advantage of perceptual intuition, which look like a group abnormal cells growing on a diseased organ.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

This project is aimed to raise the concern of cancer. People often ignore the small symptoms which may indicate cancer or even do not have any symptoms or disorders at all. The neglect is likely to result in that patient who does not know he or she had cancer miss the treatment at the early period of cancer, or healthy people living an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, sedentary lifestyle, which can add much more risk to cancer. Since the Global Cancer Observatory does not have a Chinese translation, therefore, few Chinese people would browse the page and apprehend the importance of the incidence rate of cancer, we first published this interactive visualization on Caixin media, a Chinese business media, after which published a well-received report on 4 February, World Cancer Day. The interactive visualization is interesting per se due to the topic that everyone concerns about, plus beautiful design.

Source and methodology

The data of incidence rates of cancer is downloaded from the Global Cancer Observatory, the World Health Organization.

Technologies Used

The whole project page is set up by HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The interactive visualization is built by D3.js and jQuery UI. For the human body with organs, we used Adobe Illustrator.

Project members

Reporter: Zhe Wang; Illustrator: Zumin Xia; Developer: Bo Zhao; Supervisor: Chen Huang, Meng Wei, Mingzhong Geng



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