Project description

Through visualization, graphics and interaction, this product converts the complex, abstract and obscure data into a simple, specific and ordinary news report. We collected data from different places on the 40-year open development of Zhejiang. We used dynamic circular histograms, maps and the likes to help users easily acquire the intended information from a visual perspective.

What makes this project innovative?

a) Based on stories of achievements of reforming and opening in Zhejiang in the past four decades, the project did a meticulous analysis on the data, which clarifying the report respects: more energetic import and export, more efficient resource allocation, more appealing platforms, fresher types of business, etc. b) Data visualization in the project presents a sense of beauty and immerses the users in the content. Dynamic interaction of details satisfies them to get enough information clearly in mobile phone screens.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Data visualization is a new way to report the accomplishment of reforming and opening in four decades. It outstands the characters of Zhejiang as a big province of reforming and opening with authentic data, accurate analysis, artistical design and smooth interaction. The product is significant and elegant, achieving 340,000 views in the app.

Source and methodology

The datasets were obtained from the department of commerce of Zhejiang and public reports. Although part of data cannot cover the whole four decades owing to the alteration of statistical methods, it still presents the changes in this period from many respects by different forms. The datasets in the project include the imports and exports of Zhejiang from 1978, goods imports and exports of Zhejiang and other countries in the world from 2004 to 2017, foreign investments of Zhejiang from 1998 to 2017, investment in the Belt and Road countries, etc.

Technologies Used


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