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This project wants to offer a different view of the regular North Korea issues coverage, it is focused on the defectors and his chances to flee from Kim’s regime. The main visual is based in a cartographic solution to understand what could happen with defectors after trespass any border of their homeland, also it include other facts like distances to be covered to reach a safe place, facts of life of north koreans abroad and inside the country (punishment places and forced labor camps)

What makes this project innovative?

The subject offer a depiction of a problem barely covered in the regular North Korea issues, always focused on Missile threats and rivalry with the US and the West world, The goal is to explain a complex situation which thousands of people is suffering by a simple and understandable way by a simplified map of North Korean borders. It allows to readers to discover some not very known facts about forced labor camps abroad allowed by other nations and it opens a possibility to better know some facts of that secretive nation.Also it suggest an eventual refugee crisis in the region after an eventual Kim’s regime crisis.

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Source and methodology

Some of the sources for this project are:Marked for life, Songbun (Robert Collins):The book depicts the North Korean totalitarianism and how it is maintained through several powerful means of social control, the most elaborate and intrusive of which is the songbun classification. It subdivides the population in 51 categories of trustworthiness and loyalty to the Kim Family, from this principles the fate of many north koreans is determined, this source helps to understand better the reasons of the defectors to leave the country North Korean Refugees in South Korea (Dr Norbert Eschborn)The main target for all the defectors is to reach South korea, where they are granted to have the nationality and be protected by the authorities, This article analyses the refugee movements on the Korean peninsula since 1945, examines the reasons for fleeing (such as, e.g., social constraints, the attractiveness of the South and modern communications) and looks at the role of the People’s Republic of China in the treatment of the North Korean refugees. Special attention is given to the issue of penal and prison camps in North Korea. Finally, the problem of social familiarisation in South Korea is introduced with all its facets including problems and assistance of the integration process. 10 ways to escape (Jeffrey Morris): article helps to determine some chances for a korean refugee, this information is a starting point to make a proper research about the conditions that all the near countries and governments offer to the north korean citizensNorth Korean Workers overseas-state sponsored slavery (PSCORE)The article gives a complete view of how the North Korean government controls the forced labor camps abroad, where they will work, and the conditions under which they live in their host countries. Upon arrival in the host country, supervisors confiscate laborers' passports, denying them any freedom of movement through strict surveillance meant to keep them in line. North Korean workers do not possess individual contracts, and experience different forms of payment and mandatory work time depending on their host country and respective industry. While workers generally labor for 12–20 hours each day, with only two days of rest each month, the DPRK government employs an exploitative system of wage confiscatio

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Software used:Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop…)QgisBrackets ioTableauMicrosoft excelLanguages of development used:JavascriptJQueryHtmlCSS - CSS3JsonCSV SVG

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Marcelo Duhalde, Infographics designerMarco Hernandez, Infographic designerPablo Robles, Infographic designerDarren Long, Head of graphics and illustration


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