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Islamabad FG schools were merged and renamed as Model schools last year. Around 4billion PKR were allocated to this, What is the impact? The story will help to reveal the following:• Why was this decision taken• What was expected impact and output• What changes were brought (budget, development, operations, standards, procedures, curriculum, • Is this renaming or there is some up gradation in school facilities, education and other services including teachers packages/ grades etc.• Progress in terms of results, position etc.

What makes this project innovative?

Normally people are unaware of this huge investment being made. However this was made by the ruling party and in the name of Prime Minister Education programme, thus to boost the voters' will towards this party. The story explores the facts that the masses should know before casting vote for any party in upcoming elections.Data story, data visualizations etc.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The impact is measured by the hits, shares on story and change in stats of this website where it is posted. Comments by people, personal mails and advancements into education sector to combat this, are used are impact factors.Secondly since nowadays stories are posted on social media, such as facebook and twitter therefore the no. of users who actually read the stories and became aware is the greatest impact.

Source and methodology

Data was researched as per steps of producing data stories.Major sources included: Minimum Standards forQuality Education in Pakistan and Standardization: A Twin-Dilemma of Public Examinations at Higher Secondary School Level in Pakistan EDUCATION MONITORING REPORT 2017/8 Education Statistics 2015-16 PERCENTAGE OF RESULTS 2013-2017 FBISE Education Profile 2013-14 in Education in Pakistan Report of Pakistan Regarding: Accelerating Millennium Development Goals 2013-15 Directorate of Education GEM Factsheet in Pakistan: The Key Issues, Problems and The New Challenges Results 2017 and Recommendations of AEPAM’s Research Studies

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