Project description

Extrapol is an augmented reality app (iOS and Android) that were launched a month before the french presidential campaign in april 2017. Everyday, official candidates posters could be turned into new live datavisualizations to inform the audience on the candidates.
This datajournalism project treated 30 topics in data such as: their geographical travels in France during the campaign, a press audience measured by the number of magazine frontpages, the cumulated number of years they have ruled a political mandate, etc.
It has targeted mostly french citizens who were keen on being informed about their potential future president and has generated 50.000 scans in 4 weeks.
Extrapol has been entirely funded on WeDoData research fundings, and was a free app. and INA (French National Press archives) joined the project.
This project has set the basis of a more generalized augmented reality datavisualisations app that was awarded a Digital News Innovation Fund by Google (Prototype) and currently under development.

What makes this project innovative?

To our knowledge, this is the first ephemeral daily datajournalism news app which uses augmented reality. It has been a challenge to set up the entire app since we had to be able to change the triggers and the overlays to fit to a campaign rhythm and rebounds.
This was the first time that real life materials, the official candidates posters, were “hacked” to fact news on the politicians.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

We had approximately 3000 downloads of the app (iOS and Android) and about 25 000 scans. This gives us a ratio of 10 scans per user which is, we believe, a good ratio of usage.
We had no marketing fund for the launching of the app, so the 3000 downloads are purely organic.

Source and methodology

Every data has been carefully collected. It comes from a datajournlism work of the team. It has involved scraping of website, counting magazine front page, digging to find creation dates of websites, crossing databases, etc.
Every data and methodology if required were given through the app.
The sources are also available here (below each video) :
ExtraPol website (in french):
ExtraPol on iOS:
ExtraPol on Google play:

Technologies Used

ExtraPol was quite a technological and creative challenge for us. It involved creating websites, webservers and back office, using some common coding languages (Python, javascript, html, css, php). We had to bundle different algorithms regarding the detection, tracking and overlaying for augmented reality (jsFeat, TrackingWorker, Vuforia, GL Matrix, Open CV, Three.js) and we used these creative tools for generating the various overlays (illustrator, photoshop, aftereffect)

Project members

Karen Bastien
François Prosper
Clément Thorez
Nicolas Boeuf
Victor Schmitt
Anthony Veyssière
Loic Brunot
Jérémie Brizard



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