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Domingo Sarmiento stood out as a politician, writer, teacher, journalist, soldier and statesman. His figure and thought set the course for Argentina and Chile. In 2018, 130 years of his death were fulfilled, 150 years of his presidency in Argentina and 170 years of the report submitted to the Chilean Ministry of Public Instruction on which he based his book Popular Education. Los Andes Newspaper gave value to the figure of Sarmiento through its different platforms to cover different audiences, with 12 printed fascicles, documentary videos and actions on social networks.

What makes this project innovative?

Overall objective Position the Andes as the regional medium that highlights the life and work of a man who marked the history of Argentina. Specific objectives Commemorate the 130th anniversary of the death of San Juan Domingo F. Sarmiento and the 150th anniversary of his presidency. Support the circulation of Thursdays through the publication of 12 weekly fascicles (from August 5 to October 26), currently of 11,000 copies, with an academic content made by local and national specialists. Increase the participation of younger audiences in the social networks of Los Andes, such as Twitter. Offer audiences quality content adapted to different platforms. Establish an agreement with the Federal System of Public Media and Content of the Argentine Republic. Capture the interest of new advertisers.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The documentary series "Enter the story: Sarmiento, 130 years after his death" consists of three videos of 13 minutes each, which shows in unpublished images and interviews little-known aspects of Sarmiento. The videos were broadcasted on the Los Andes website, on two digital television channels in Mendoza (Acequia and Señal U), on the national platform of the Federal Media and Content System of the Argentine Republic. It was also broadcast on the channel of the Universidad Pontificia de Valparaíso (Chile) and on its website. The documentary complemented the collection "Sarmiento, 130 years after his death", which included 12 fascicles written by national and regional personalities and historians. They circulated from Sunday, August 5, 2018 and the following 11 th Thursday. In addition to the academic analysis of the thought and work of the hero of Argentina, each publication offered school activities and a chronology to contextualize. While the cost of each issue was added to the price cap on Thursdays, the interest of the readers was able to increase circulation by 2 percent. In addition to the support of the Government of the province of Mendoza, a new advertiser was captured (Government of the province of San Juan) that was added to the integral project. While the cost of each issue was added to the price of Thursday's cover, the interest of readers managed to increase circulation by 2 percent. Through the interaction of eight historical figures who were created a profile on Twitter, the information of printed fascicles and videos was also supplemented.

Source and methodology

135 years of newspapers archive, history,

Technologies Used

video, social media, newspaper, video

Project members

Raúl Pedone, Gastón Bustelo, Alejandra Vargas



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