Project description

This project shows all the opinion polls published since 2016 for the Brazilian 2018 general elections. It is part of a bigger informational project, a website for organizing the newspaper’s whole Elections coverage in text and videos, including profiles for potential candidates, social media monitor and fake news checking.

What makes this project innovative?

No such compilation has been made in Brazil so far. It has a unique way of comparing polls between polling companies, allowing a broader view of the opinion of the brazilian voters in such unstable political scene. Interactivity helps to navigate between polls and companies, as well as connecting poll results to the candidates' profiles.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Published one year before the election day, the project has a growing search-based audience, and very good prospects for the coming months. The 2016 Election project is a massive success case in the newsroom, and for this year we have been improving the already good formula, working harder on SEO and UX issues.

Source and methodology

Data has been published by polling companies. We collected all of the pdf raw data and turned into a well designed google sheet that allows any comparison between companies.

Technologies Used

Google Sheets, Wordpress, Tableau, Flourish

Project members

Guilherme Storck, data visualization and visual design
Marcos Jaski, webdesign
Evandro Balmant, development


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