Project description

I worked on in-depths story, Thousands of players are victims of Imaginary investment

The topic started when I discovered that the number of players is decreasing, I searched for the reason, find that the players turns to work in other jobs beside playing football,
I made a video with a player, playing at his club, and on the other side he working at mobile shop \”buy mobiles, spare parts, and maintenance\” to get enough money.

i compared between the numbers of player at Egypt, and Germany, and Reviews the system at English premier league.

What makes this project innovative?

I searched on official numbers about the players at egypt. Olympic Committee, The Egyptian Football Association, and Ministry of Sports don't have accurate number for the players at egypt, and the last Statistic was on 2006, Fifa told me that they didn't have any other number, So I searched, and found that Accountability State Authority produce sports annual Report, I searched for numbers and collected the numbers of young male and female players in government, public, private and youth centers over the past five years, and get this result.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

In an attempt to increase the number of football players, Egyptian Federation Association turned to get the young football players, who play in private academies, registered in the federation, so that they can be added to their database of football players.

Source and methodology

- Accountability State Authority I've collected the numbers of male football players in different categories in the last 5 years - The Egyptian Football Association - The English football association - Fifa big count data - A player in the fourth class - Chiefs of clubs

Technologies Used

- Mobile Journalsim (video by mobile) - editing Video. - Design by photoshop.

Project members

Mohamed Mostafa



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