Project description

Data Journalism News Portal Dag Medya team produced more than 200 data-driven news in 1,5 years. (2017 -2018) DM did organized more than 20 open data and data journalism training for journalists, academics, non-governmental organizations and for young people last year and this year. DM also organized two open data day event, one was “Open Data For Human Rights”,4 March 2017, other one was “Open Data For Animal Rights”, 3 March 2018. Dag Medya also did 3 days intensive Data journalism training for the Syrian newspaper’s journalist in Istanbul. Also Dag Medya was organized data literacy training for children in a rural area in the summer of 201.

What makes this project innovative?

It is not easy to organize events on a limited budget. However we do. We are innovators, creators. We support volunteers as well. We use open sources effectively, we can raise awareness with small budgets. We are pioneers in Turkey about Open Data and Data Journalism since 2013. We do workshops, we go Turkey's most remote regions for improving data literacy. We develop original content, translations about Data Journalism. We use open tools. We provide consultancy services to important projects about Data Journalism.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Interest in data journalism studies has increased over the years in Turkey. It reflects the influence of the trainings. In the newsrooms, data-driven jobs are developing. Increased activity towards open data ecosystem. Increase of consultancy services. The activities in the field of data journalism in Turkey, we see that creating awareness.

Source and methodology

We use almost all open source tools about open data and data journalism in our workshops.

Technologies Used

We use tabula, open refine, google maps, google spreadsheet, carto,, piktochart, Infogram and almost all open source tools about open data and data journalism in our workshops, trainings and data driven storytelling.

Project members

Pinar Dag
Hatice Sen
Sevgi Korkut
Aysegul Engur
Faruk Aydiner
Sometimes part time editors and developers.
We are very small.


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