Project description

It has been 20 years since Hong Kong’s sovereignty was transferred to China in 1997. This animation reveals the changes of Hong Kong over two decades. We dug into the key datasets relating to Hong Kong’s development, including the quality of living, economic performance, and political awareness, etc.After detailedly sorting the data, we presented them with simple chart, such as line chart and pie chart, providing readers with easiest and clearest way to the points. As a Chinese media based in Hong Kong, we tend to tailor all Chinese readers around the world with our in-depth and various contents, and most of our readers are from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. To show the Hong Kong characteristic in this animation, we illustrated many local landmarks and a character that is derived from the Hong Kong’s well-known animation figure “Freddy”. By following the footsteps of the character, readers also walks through and witness the transformation of Hong Kong. We would like to present readers with a vivid and solid route of Hong Kong of the past, and hopefully it would also indicate a path to the future.

What makes this project innovative?

This project uses hundreds of data from different themes. We allocated them with clear problematic---how Hong Kong has change in terms of politics, economics and living standard. Among the Hong Kong media, we are the few who have tried to deal with this theme which required heavy work of data-mining.The way we wrapped data is also well-designed. We try to attract readers with lightl and delicate illustration, and keep their attention and interests with a smooth storyline. In general, we think our animation reveals the depth, power, and the beauty of data visualization.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

After the animation was published, we got millions of views on our Facebook pages, website and app. It was so widely spread that we decided to make a english version of it to further expand its reach.

Source and methodology

Base on our problematic, we collected data from the following sources. We also invite the urban geography expert Leung Kai Chi as our consultant to help us focus on the key data and to verify them.Data sources: Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong University Grants Committee, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, Hong Kong Transportation Department, Hong Kong Home Affairs Department, Hong Kong Immigration Department, Hong Kong Police Force, Public Opinion Programme, The University of Hong Kong, Z/Yen Group, Midland Reality- Price Chart, Centa-City Leading Index, International Monetary Fund, Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute.

Technologies Used

Adobe After Effects was used for the production of this animation, with illustrations provided by our designer using Adobe Illustrator.

Project members

Project Manager: Chen QianerIllustrator: Tseng LeeyuAnimation Designer: Stanley LeungConsultant: Leung Kai ChiData Sorting: Dang Yuanyue, Wu Zhenzhong, Wang Danni, Yang Yu, Chen Qiwen



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