Project description

Dante is the product designed and developed by our startup baseH technologies, it is a robot journalist which gathers the data from the internet and various other sources and writes the stories. At present the stories are based on data and to be specific it is writing 350 words plus story of Pakistan Stock exchange, it is one of the very few robot writers in the world, and we are making it better everyday. We do have a paying client now as we are developing one of the world first content website totally controlled by Bots.

What makes this project innovative?

The world is moving towards AI writing or automated Journalism and baseH technologies is one of the earliest movers in this space, we developed experimental AI writer way back in march 2017 however it wasn't before June same year that it was writing over two paragraphs of content. We have developed a special language for the purpose and we call it JABS Tags language it is based on XML and it serves as a medium of communications. Rest is classic Machine learning the style reader module reads through the training data which are the articles written on the same subject by a human being the more data we have the better the software gets, the sentimeter module inspects the data for the general sentiment of the market by inspecting all the relevant news items the writer module writes the news in JABS Language, and the translator module turns it into English. At this moment there are less then five companies who have this technology and hopefully we will have downloadable version of the software available soon.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

It is a revolution in simplest of words it will augment the performance of newsrooms by many folds and at the same time it will cut the costs significantly, perhaps at this point it is impossible to quantify its possible impacts but it will be measured in the next ten to twenty years.

Source and methodology

I belong to media myself so I had all the information available the other research was based on individual interviews and consultanciesWe are using feeds from reuters and NYtimes and GEO and PSX and other authentic resources none of our work so far is of commercial nature, we are developing a sports website where we will buy various feeds once the coding part is done

Technologies Used

Programming LanguagesPythonRJABS (Proprietary)ML ToolsTensor flowVarious othersCrawlers and SentimenterProprietary Dante AI writerProprietary

Project members

There are four cofounder of the companyFaisal SherjanHe is the director of the largest incubator organization of the country which National Incubator Center in Lahore he brings in wealth of domain knowledge and experience.Imran Ahmed KhanWe also believe that design is not how it looks but design is how it works Imran is the visual part of the projectKhurram SchehzadAlso the Chief Commercial Officer of one of the biggest brokerage house of the country, Khurram is responsible for all the company related operations also he brings in the essentiall domain knowledge of our primary area of working which is Financial marketsAnis ShiekhFounder and CEO of the company also the Anchor for business and Finance for ARY news networks, he is also a software enthusiast the combination of both is the AI news writer Dante.



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