Project description

Dan’s work is bread-and-butter data journalism. He uses publicly available information, be it from government sources or open, corporate APIs and uses his expert analysis skills and news judgement to report and execute his stories. From showing how the economics of the music industry is changing how artists record albums, to economic analyses of labor markets and nations, Dan has brought clarity and insight to his reporting through data reporting.

What makes this project innovative?

While subtle, and hard to capture in a portfolio, Dan's innovation comes from his process. He is prolific. His productivity is rarely matched by other data journalists. While organizing a beat around telling stories through data and analysis isn't the most innovative effort, his ability to discover and reveal interesting and newsworthy trends on a daily basis is indicative of the innovations he's brought to his reporting process that make him such a successful reporter.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Dan's work at Quartz is some of the most widely read on the site. Millions of readers came to his stories in 2018.

Source and methodology

Dan primarily uses R for his analyses and creates charts with our charting platform Atlas as well as in ggplot. He'll often use Adobe Illustrator followed by ai2html to modify or annotate his work.

Technologies Used

R, ai2html, Adobe Illustrator

Project members

Dan Kopf


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