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Pakistan continues with the never ending polio battle while Punjab claims to be polio free. The story with explore the facts and figures in this scenario. Claims vs. facts.The story will help to reveal the following:• Situation of polio in Pakistan• Situation of polio in other countries, developing and developed• Reforms of Punjab govt. in Polio and other non-communicable diseases• The effects in numbers versus budgets and initiatives• Terrorism against polio workers• What in inside the polio vaccine• How many people are aware of polio, its prevention ways etc.• Is Punjab polio free??Being a Data story, and the data visualizations etc. make it unique & innovative.

What makes this project innovative?

The claims of Punjab govt. could be true till previous year but not valid for this year due to a case outbreak in one of the districts of Punjab province. People are not aware of.THe efforts of Punjab are no doubt greatly appreciable that in few years time they have brought Pakistan's position from a high polio affected country ranking to a low one. We still need to work on it to be POLIO FREE status.The story appreciates the good work and calls for work on mitigation and future plans.

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The impact is measured by the hits, shares on story and change in stats of this website where it is posted. Comments by people, personal mails and advancements into education sector to combat this, are used are impact factors.Secondly since nowadays stories are posted on social media, such as facebook and twitter therefore the no. of users who actually read the stories and became aware is the greatest impact.

Source and methodology

Being a data story all steps of producing a data story were followed. Some of source used for data are listed below:National Emergency Plan (NEAP) 2017-18 wise Polio cases in last 5years Update Nov 2017 PEI Annual Report 2016 Pakistan Annual Report 2016 PEI report Polio in Pakistan

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