Project description

The collection Mapamundi that was published in 2005 “Russian Salad “(4 trips to USSR) has the intention to show how was the world I lived in, through episodes in different times in fascinating countries with the information of a journalist and the ” proustian” passion of a writer fond of History or the three weeks to Iraq in the middle of the two Bushes war.

Many other countries, their History and their present life are also depicted in this collection

What makes this project innovative?

My presence in those countries and the afterwards studies.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

It had a lot of success among the reduced people who read it and it showed them how the world is.

Source and methodology

My experience of 50 years of writting and travelling.

Technologies Used

Computer, my brain and heart.

Project members

Manu Dornbierer



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