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Over the past five years of working for Bloomberg’s Graphics team, I’ve been involved in a surprising range of topics and projects and this past year was no exception. A small sample of this body of work includes breaking news on the world’s richest person, the plans for (and questioning the justification of) a megacity from scratch in the Arabian desert, presenting a transparent methodology for a daily Brexit economic indicator and an in-depth analysis of the looming retail apocalypse told through charts and maps.

What makes this project innovative?

Some pieces are more explanatory, based on a single event while others are more exploratory and evergreen, updating with new data on a regular basis.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

My mother finally has an idea of what it is that I do for a living. My parents-in-law now read as part of their daily news source.

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QGISR (Tidyverse)Adobe Illustratord3.js

Project members

Alex Tribou, Alexander Mcintyre, Brittany Harris, Cesca Antonelli, Christopher Cannon, Cynthia Hoffman, Cedric Sam, Dean Halford, Eric Bryant, Julian Burgess, Jeremy Diamond, Jennifer Prince, Laurie Meisler, Mathieu Benhamou, Martin Keohan


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