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Blog @noeliagorod has been one of the first blogs in Spanish about Big Data Science. Created in 2011, when Big Data was mostly talked about and organizations were in the process of generating their large data repositories.Point of networking and sharing knowledge among professionals in the sector, and those professionals who want to guide their career to the area of ​​Data Science.

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Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Open Data, Open Source, MIT, ... everything related to the contribution of data value to organizations, applying quality algorithms providing Digital Transformation

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Known by most of the professionals in the sector in Spain and LATAM: the blog born in 2011, when the Data Science discipline was not yet at its peak, and took its maximum number of visits during the year 2017. 43% visits2017 vs 2016Visits+ 19.000 visits in the history of the blogLinkedin7.614 habitual followersTwitter4.836 habitual followersFacebook1580 habitual followers

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Big Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, and Data-driven Digital TransformationPrioritizing the post on open source technologies and open data.Periodical and recent publications, both their own and external sourcesBig Data Science in Spanish and EnglishAdvice on training in the Data Science areaJob offers of Data Scientist and Big data in SpainCommunication of events of interest to professionalsLinks to other social networks of the Blog @noeliagorod: Facebook, twitter, instagram ...

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