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Since inception at the wake of the 21st century till today, armed fundamentalist individuals and entities in Sinai underwent three main phases. Funding was the lifeblood that fed takfirist thought to live and grow in the peninsula. This reportage is a detailed investigation of the issue.

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The recent NBE larceny in October proved to be one of the unlawful means of securing funds to ISIS affiliated Wilayat Sinai. The deadly terrorist attack in the North Sinai province's capital left seven people dead. All started in a Monday morning when two unmarked vehicles carrying eight terrorists in military uniform arrived at the branch, located in 23rd of July St. Masked gunmen were immediately and efficiently deployed. They were divided into two groups, one bombarding while the other jogged to knock down and steal the vault. An NBE eyewitness stated. Next morning, the statement of NBE was devoid of any mention of the amount of money taken. The stolen amount, as media reports said, falls between ten to seventeen million Egyptian pounds. NBE larceny is the premier attack made by Wilayat Sinai as to secure funds for their terrorist operations since their inception in 2011. Pledging loyalty to ISIS, it became an affiliate in 2014. The attacks echoes efforts of Khaled Mosa'ed, leader and founder of the first takfirist organization in Sinai, back in mid-2004, to secure funds necessary to assault tourist groups. The former dental "assistant", with his fellows, raided a toll station on the int'l road Nuweiba - Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel. A policeman was shot dead. In 2003, the case was reported as "criminal" at Al-qasima police station in central Sinai. Two years later, confessions of people involved in Dahab bombings - case 40, 2005, State Security Assize – revealed the principals. Anonymity overshadowed the scene. Nobody solved the riddle of funding practices of these terrorist organizations. That was the case for thirteen years. Wilayat Sinai made the puzzle even harder to solve. The two robberies provided sort of clues as to solve the mystery of funding sources for ISIS in Sinai, in addition to other affiliate cells all over Egypt.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

- What is the impact of your project?

The story shed light on the methods and routes used by ISIS in Sinai to transfer and smuggle funds.

- How did you measure this impact?

Through the number of viewers and readers on social media in Egypt and abroad, and also by taking notes of the time taken by readers on the website viewing the project.

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