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I’m a data explorer & information designer.
The founder of I have an extreme passion towards analyzing data, exploring its dark sides, examining it from different angles, breaking it down till roots, understanding the connections between its small dots, discovering and uncovering its deep secrets, then summarizing those findings in a graph that is pleasing to its viewer. is my personal blog that Exploring data, looking for its hidden secrets and its mysterious stories. Discovering those secrets, then revealing them in a beautiful, simple, and insightful visuals.

since its launch a few months ago, I did many and different data projects in both languages English and Arabic, in different areas and subjects starting with Muslim Religion (which is a completely new area, no one went before so i preferred to start with it), Egyptians different interests (i.e.: Football Matches, Celebrities, TV Shows, Songs, Others), the Egyptian Pound and its 100 years tale, Geography (True size of world official countries formulates the body structure of each continent), and currently preparing so many projects to be launched in the coming days.

What makes this project innovative?

Data analysis and visualization for public benefit and use is a completely new territory that only a few persons and organizations stepped into in Egypt and MENA region so Alhadaqa is an innovative blog that starts its first steps towards this completely new market. Innovation is the main pillar on which Alhadaqa was built upon, it is embedded on all phases of every single project starting from the selection of project scope and the subject to study, it has to be innovative original subject no one think of it before (i.e. the project of text analyzing the Quran and find out the Name of Allah that most mentioned in the Quran), then collecting the data I try to find innovative ways to pass the obstacles of NO DATA by developing data scrapping tools and techniques to build a clean datasets, then at the analysis phase I developed a strategy the help in looking at the dataset from multiple perspectives in order to extract its deep and hidden insights. then finally I try to build-up innovative visuals and designs that communicate the findings softly and clearly. Innovation is the core of Alhadaqa thats all.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

I started Alhadaqa just few months ago and since then I got very positive feedback from all visitors and followers, and at its real examination which is sharing in the competition that was announced by Arab Data Journalism Network where many projects competed across the Arab world, one of Alhadaqa projects awarded the 2nd Best DataViz Award, which is a very good indicator that Alhadaqa is on its right way. the viewers of the blog increased day by day, I believe it might be slow but sure it is effective. Alhadaqa is sharing in transforming the culture of dealing with data and get the maximum benefit from it not just in Egypt but all over MENA Region and the Middle East. I am surely believe that Alhadaqa is making a huge impact by enlightening the minds to see the world in a whole new way and that was the common feedback we got so far from all our followers. till the moment and according to google analytics the number of blog users reached 497, distributed among 10 countries. the number of page views reached 2602 view with average session time 3 minutes.

Source and methodology

I am trying to best use of all available data resources nationally in Egypt and globally across the world. and I developed Alhadaqa private methodology to deal with the data project from the project initiation phase until its closure phase.

Technologies Used

Mainly I depend on R as a main programming language, I am using it in data scraping, collecting, cleaning, transforming, and analysis. Also, some visuals initially designed with R (ggplot2), then after that the complete design made using adobe illustrator. Sometimes, for ready datasets am using Tableau or Power BI. Currently, I am working on adding D3 to my Professional Toolbox in order to produce interactive DataViz, where it was a part of Alhadaqa plan for year 2019.

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