Project description

The Central Jail Rawalpindi (Adyala Jail) is one of the historical prisons where famous personalities including former prime ministers of the country have been imprisoned.

Currently, Adiala Jail (Prison) holds double the number of prisoners it is officially allowed to accommodate. More than half of them still have their cases pending in court while hundreds suffer from severe illnesses

What makes this project innovative?

Lack of health facilities is society is a common issue in Pakistan however, prison is the space where the prisoner not only facing the problems of lack of medical facilities but also do not have the right to access the hospital or health care center. Problems faced by the prisoner is not often reported. I tried to highlight the problems of prisoners in this report.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

After the publication of the story, the Provincial Minister for Prison and Judges has visited the prison to make sure the provision of health care facilities to the prisoners in Adiala Jail (Prison).

Source and methodology

I have availed the data from the prison administration by using right to information law i.e. "The Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013". After the data collection, I analyzed the data, conduct the interviews of the concerns.

Technologies Used

Used Microsoft excel for the data analyzation and website for data presentation.

Project members

I have completed the project my self.



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