Project description

Founded in 2017, Addendum is a young and independent investigative research and news platform from Austria. Our goal is to contribute to the restoration of healthy political debate and knowledge by unbiased and evidence based reporting.

As an independent organisation, addendum has no obligations to any stakeholders. This gives us the freedom to investigate stories without any time pressure and without external pressure of any stakeholder.

The data-team is a small group within addendum that consists 2 data journalists, an investigative reporter, one economist/statistician and one awesome creative developer / designer.

What makes this project innovative?

Without the pressure of deadlines the data team is free to investigate data heavy and time intensive subject that would otherwise not be possible at some news outlets in Austria. With our diverse background as a team we sit together and brainstorm ideas on a regular basis, and without the pressure of time we give our creative developer all the time to design and develop interesting ways of visualising our stories. After our stories our publishes, we open source the data, R code and the visualisation so others can learn or use it to create their own stories. Next to that we are also the organisers of the local Hacks/Hackers (a meetup for technologist journalists) meetup and our creative developer frequently gives talks about our design process and how to use our visualisations in your own projects.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

We have gained recognition for our compelling data driven stories and interesting visualisation by our partners and larger media outlets in Austria who re-share our stories. With our meetups and frequent talks we have slowly become know in the local community of journalists and designers who are eager to learn how to develop the same stories and visualisation as we do.

Source and methodology

Work of the team:

Technologies Used

HTML / CSS /Javsacript / D3.js / Pixi.js / WebGl / Affinity Photo / Affinity Designer / R / Python

Project members

Gerald Gartner / Markus Hametner / Lukas Schmoigl / Stefanie Braunisch / Danijel Beljan


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