Project description

Premier League’s top clubs are using their academies as a source of income rather than as a source of talent.

The investigation – which was based on publicly available transfer logs and news reports – showed how young boys are trained up by clubs and then sold for huge sums of money despite them making either zero or just a handful of appearances for the first team. I revealed how England’s six richest clubs brought in an incredible £114m from academy player sales in just four years, including £71m by Manchester City alone.

What makes this project innovative?

The data used to make this article was publicly available. However, this project pulled the data together for the first time and was the first to focus on the issue of clubs using young players in this way.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The project was widely used and was flagged as a major investigation for the Mirror.

Source and methodology

i collected the transfer logs from and the transfer fees frmo news reports

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David Dubas-Fisher


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