Project description

In the context of the Spanish General Strike for the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, El Confidencial has calculated the hole in the Spanish economy of a day without women materializing the slogan of the strike: “Without us… life stops”. We have focused the special report on three aspects: economy and daily life, employment and consumption. Based on public statistics and doing our own calculations, we have been able to calculate that the impact on the Spanish economy of a day without women would be 630 million euros, of which 164 million would be lost for the Social Security. And also, shops and other establishments would lost 304 million euros if all the Spanish women don’t consume at all during one day.

What makes this project innovative?

For the first time, a Spanish media has calculated the impact of a hypothetical total women strike in Spain. We have based on public statistics, as the number of weekly labour hours worked by women on Spain in every sector, the hourly labour costs, the number of women who work in each economic sector and the consumption that the women make every year. We have homogenized all this data for one day. So the most innovation of this project has been the calculations we made to obtain these numbers, showed in a special format.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

This special report was the main article of El Confidencial for the International Women’sDay on the 8th of March. The report was very well shared an commented on social networks, specially on Twitter, and the average engaged time exceeded the minute (1:09). The report has also one special challenge. El Confidencial’s audience is mostly male, so a report focused on women could be seen inappropriate for our principal audience. But nevertheless, we thought that this report would have a special impact by showing the hole in the Spanish economy of a day without women, so we decided to carry on with the project in spite of our masculinized audience.

Source and methodology

The main sources for the report were five public statistics published by the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE): number of average weekly hours worked by women in each sector, hourly labour cost in each sector, domestic labour by women and men in Spain, employment by women in each sector and the family budget survey. We have homogenized all this data for one day. To strengthen the transparency of the methodology and the calculation, we have published a detailed methodology with links to every statistics used on the report.

Technologies Used

To calculate the numbers, Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets. To design the special format and report, Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Project members

María Zuil, Cristina Suárez, Pablo López Learte, Irene de Pablo, Carmen Castellón, Luis Rodríguez



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