Project description

My project is a full page feature on how illicit weapons aiding insurgent groups like the Boko Haram militant sect flood the nation. My report report loo,s to raise pubic awareness to the quantum of weapons that comes into the country illegally. My report is particularly addressed to security agents and agencies in the country, not excluding the political class.

What makes this project innovative?

i used data sourcing technique by visiting the library of the Nigerian Customs Service to gather primary data

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

My report was a reality awareness check on the porous state of Nigeria's borders and entry routes. It forced government to give a marching order on security agents to wake up in their call to man the nations borders and entry points. It also strengthened the governments resolve not to back down on its palletisation policy, which allows Customs to examine cargoes in an orderly manner.

Source and methodology

I visited the Nigerian Customs Service library in Abuja, and collected primary data from recordings of seizures of arms and ammunition's at the nations entry points in the last 7 years.

Technologies Used

majorly used Microsoft Word and entered all data, which were in paper format, into my computer with the aid of the MS-Word


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