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Title / Discovery of dinosaurs in LibyaThe discovery of the bones and structures of the dinosaurs in Libya is one of the articles that it wrote, which is considered the first discovery of its kind in the region and because of the importance of the subject and it did not spread in large format and did not take the right of media and little is highlighted by the Libyan media and international, The most important discoveries in the world.Objectives :– Introducing the importance of this discovery and who was behind it- Provide information on the discovery through experts and specialists- The discovery of this discovery as one of the most important historical and important discoveries in the world- Identification of the discoverer and the discovery area

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What makes the project different?I see that the title answers this question (the discovery of dinosaurs in Libya)The title itself is different, distinctive and new. It deals with a subject that may raise questions, queries and perhaps even controversy. What makes this project different from other colleagues' projects is the secret behind this discovery, which happened accidentally and was not taken into consideration. But behind the discovery was the establishment of the first museum of natural history and dinosaurs in Libya and despite the simple possibilities, this museum became one of the most important museums in Libya.The advantage of this discovery is that for the first time the remains of dinosaur bones are discovered in this area and this amount is added to the state of good conservation, which has prevented the blur of its features. It is worth mentioning that the remains of the bones of dinosaurs discovered in the past were small parts affected by severe erosion, Find templates for those bones only.

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The project has received great acceptance and resonance and has been spoken in more than a local and international media, but has become a guide for everyone who needs to know about this discovery

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Sources and how to obtain informationInformation on the discovery of dinosaur bones and its source was obtained from figures directly related to the subject and had an important, effective and prominent role in this discoveryAshour Al - Mashaykh00218911812613- Melod Abu-Jarz / geologist at the National Oil Corporation00218917674937- Ahmed Askar / Director of the Libyan Museum of dinosaurs and natural history  00218926735243In addition to these figures, there were visits at the site of the discovery and the museum where some of the details and information that were included in the article were identified

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- Notebook- Pen - Telephone to record information by voice - Camera for authentication

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Certainly there is a great effort to cover this subject and this discovery , are ; - - Essa aname - Akrem asgaer


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