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May 13, Never Again

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the May 13 riots in Malaysia, Malaysiakini revisited the tragedy that has changed the course of Malaysia’s history with a map based multimedia special report.

Discover new actors of data journalism

Earlier this month, we received 608 projects, from 62 areas/countries, as part of the Data Journalism Awards 2019 competition. They offer invaluable insights on new actors and trends in the field. So we decided to sit down and crunch some numbers for you. But best of all, we wanted to show you some of the incredible data projects we got this year, from countries you don’t hear about that often.

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The Millions Who Left

Since the reunification millions of people left the East of Germany, and triggered a demographic crisis. For the first time, data shows what exactly happened – and why there is hope.

A Network of Extremism Expands

A Reuters investigation has pieced together a network of characters directly involved in the Easter Sunday Bombings which killed over 250 people in Sri Lanka.

How China is Looking Beyond Borders

The “Belt and Road Initiative” was announced by the Chinese government in 2013 as a global trade strategy based on the ancient Silk Road trading route. This project, featuring amazing maps and graphics, explains how…

India Election: Modi’s Report Card

As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks re-election in a poll that began on April 11, how far has he been able to implement the pledges from the party’s last manifesto?

Colorism in High Fashion

The Pudding programmatically looked at 19 years of covers to find how Vogue magazine represents women of all shades. Spoiler: They could do better.

Who Killed the Leopard Cats

The United Daily News in Taiwan has published an investigation series on how leopard cats in Taiwan are facing extinction due to developments. Data, satellite images, maps and drone footages were used to tell the…


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