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Data driven journalism for local newsrooms: it’s possible!

As local American newsrooms go through difficult times, plagued both by reduced staff and lower budgets, The Big Local News collects, cleans and shares data so that journalists and researchers can write stories about policies that affect local communities and how institutions are operating.

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The Europeans Left Out of the European Elections

Almost 17 million EU citizens live in a member state other than their country of origin. These citizens are entitled to vote for the European Parliament from where they reside, but almost none of them…

How Every Member Got to Congress

This piece by The New York Times visualises the paths that the members of the House of Representatives took to Congress, in one cool graphic and a left-to-right scrollytelling journey.

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Bron Bron Land

This data-driven interactive, illustrated map by the team at ESPN looks at Lebron James’s arrival in Los Angeles. The full experience focuses on how Lebron is turning the city into the capital of his personal…

Journalists offer tips about collaborating on data journalism projects

Journalists Pierre Romera, Rachel Glickhouse, Arun Karki, and Gian-Paolo Accardo gave advice on launching a collaborative data journalism project, common mistakes that people make when carrying out a project and useful tools for data journalism collaborations.

Blue Books, Pink Books

This Süddeutsche Zeitung data research shows that children’s books are still full of gender stereotypes. It examines the catalog of the largest specialist library for children’s literature that exists in German-speaking countries: The Library for…

Our Lives Under Bowie

Revisit the highlights of your life by browsing Bowie’s career. The team at Libération built this app as a fun way to browse archives, music tracks, videos and stories from the British artist.

Population Mountains

This is a story about how to perceive the population of cities. It wields data from the Global Human Settlement Layer, which uses “satellite imagery, census data, and volunteered geographic information” to create population density…

5 years worth of winning data journalism

The Data Journalism Awards has become a landmark competition rewarding the best work in the realm of data journalism across the world. Here are five years worth of winning projects into a list, which gives us a great idea of how the field has evolved over the years.


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