Rodrigo Franco Seoane

Rodrigo Franco Seoane

Chief Content Officer
The Punch South America
United States

THE PUNCH SOUTH AMERICA is a mixture of articles and news related to Freedom and Democracy in the Central and South American continental area written in multiple languages including English, Spanish & all language Magazine, with articles & Fresh News, Politics, World events, mostly about Peru and the world including, Marine Science, Surfing, Fishing, Food, Marine Science, Theatre, Film, Photography, Music, Painting, Adventure Tourism, Boat Building, Agro Business, Environment, New technologies, Clean energy, Sailing, Yachting, Motorcycles, Solar Power, Electric Boats, Electric Cars, Diesel Engines, Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

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Rodrigo Franco Seoane
New York, New York, United States
Writer-Editor, Mutiny at The Bounty, The Punch South America, Whale warrior Peru, Americano Magazine, ReaderĀ“s Digest Peru S.A., Agrobusiness Fortuna S.A., Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Diselpesa, Latin American Business Review. Popular Mechanics, Hombre de Mundo, Almanaque Mundial, Wooden Boats, Mother Earth magazine, Time, Newsweek, Life, Bloque de Armas, National Geographic Magazine, ReaderĀ“s Digest Mexico, Yates y botes,Ship Shape TV, PBS TV, NBC TV, CBS TV, Univision media communications Active member of Whale Warrior marine life defense of Peru, Greenpeace, Sea Life Defender, Marvell Comics, Zig Zag Comics Peru, Editorial Nueva Lente, Editorial America, Editorial Wiracocha, Editorial Planeta Former US Department of Homeland Security US Government, training in threat analysis, hazardous materials, explosive analysis and defense, CT cat scans, Backscatter X-Ray Machines, Quemical micronic analysis machines, The Qylatron Airport safety system screening machines, CTX machine, management preparedness, cyber and border security mitigation, cross-functional & profiling, Advanced Tactics, Ideological media warfare and defense.