Philippe Rivière

Philippe Rivière

Data Journalist

After 20 years of journalism and web with Le Monde diplomatique I'm now doing datavis and cartography.

My resume

Profile Journalist and programmer, I’m mostly concentrating on cartography and data visualization. I co-animate, with Philippe Rekacewicz, the website

Experience Independent Researcher / Project Manager, Artefacts – since 2014
Collaborations with artists, researchers, designers, cartographers in the field of data visualization. Data analysis, reports and software development for various international media (AFP, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Centre Pulitzer, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Bastamag…) and institutions (International Peace Institute, United Nations, OECD). Teaching, training and workshops (CELSA, Dijon Univ., Sorbonne, Geneva Univ., HEAD design school, La Paz…)

Journalist and webmaster, “Le Monde diplomatique” – 1997-2014
As a journalist, I was particularly interested in the intersections of knowledge and development:
• health : public health in the developing world, HIV/aids, politics of cancer, water & toilets
• sciences & technologies, including research policies, IP issues, the economy of outer space, arms and technologies of surveillance…
• Internet (as a tool and as a field of power)
• inequalities and gender issues
• housing, slums, urbanism

Webmaster, institut national de l’audiovisuel – 1996-1997
Development of the first newspaper’s website in France

Student-Researcher – 1993-1996
Mathematics and biology; tutor in the Univ. of Paris VI, Jussieu

Software In 2001, I was part of the team that launched the SPIP free software, used by dozens of thousands of websites and rich of a community of a few hundred developers and translators. Since 2016 I’ve participated in the development of the d3.js library.

Training Maths PhD (Evolutionary Game Theory), Université Paris-6 Jussieu, 1996; École normale supérieure, Paris. 1989-1994