Marianne Bouchart

Marianne Bouchart


Marianne Bouchart is the founder and director of HEI-DA, a nonprofit organisation promoting news innovation, the future of data journalism and open data. She runs data journalism programmes in various regions around the world as well as HEI-DA's Sensor Journalism Toolkit project and manages the Data Journalism Awards competition.Before launching HEI-DA, Marianne spent 10 years in London where she worked as a web producer, data journalism and graphics editor for Bloomberg News, amongst others. She created the Data Journalism Blog in 2011 and gives lectures at journalism schools, in the UK and in France.

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5 years worth of winning data journalism

The Data Journalism Awards has become a landmark competition rewarding the best work in the realm of data journalism across the world. Here are five years worth of winning projects into a list, which gives us a great idea of how the field has evolved over the years.