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Chithra Radhakrishnan

Data Scientist / Analyst India limited

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Chithra Radhakrishnan

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• Software Engineer with hands on experience in Data Analytics, with ability to focus on conceptualizing business needs and translating them into viable technical solutions.
• Data Journalist in Rediff Labs, written around 75 data articles.
• Capable to build scalable algorithms using R.
• Proficient in Data Visualizations using R, Tableau and C3.js
• Conceptual understanding of Machine learning techniques.

Anna University, Cape Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India.

B.E., Computer Science and Engineering, 2010- 2014 (CGPA of 7.1/10)

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kanyakumari.

Higher Secondary Examination 2009-2010 (with 77% marks)

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kanyakumari.

Secondary School Leaving Examination, 2007-2008 (with 72.4% of marks)

Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine Learning Algorithms, Map Reduce, Data Journalism.

 Languages: Statistical R
 Visualization Software: Tableau

 Software Knowledge: Microsoft windows products(MS Excel, Power point, etc)

 Web Technologies: C3.JS

 Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

• Held the position of Editor in Computer Engineers Technical Association

• Got selected for Semi-final of Code Uncode National Secure Programmer Award by EC Council


June 2014 – Till Date

(Software Engineer- Data Analytics) India Pvt Limited
5th March 2014 – 28th March 2014


A seasoned, result oriented and focused professional with excellent track record of delivering results in demanding work environment.
• Analysis on Indian Election data India Limited March 2014 (Internship)

Predicting literacy rate, poverty rate, etc. of every constituency using NSS (National Sample Survey) data in regards to 2014 Bihar assembly elections in India using R language.
Tools/Languages: Statistical R

• E-commerce Return analysis India Limited August 2014 – September 2014

Calculating the regression coefficients using R language with the base data obtained through stages of order approval, dispatched and delivery.
Tools/Languages: Statistical R

• Spam Filtering: India Limited, September 2015- December 2015

The spam filtering project is to remove the spam comments. Apriori algorithm is then used to remove the comments according to the association rules between the frequently used words it produced. Machine learning algorithms like linear regression, logistic regression are also used in this project to get maximum accuracy.
• Classify the comments as spam and non-spam.
• Apply Apriori algorithm to the corpus to get the association rules.
Tools/Languages: Statistical R, Machine learning algorithms.

• Customer Segmentation India Limited September 2016 – Till Date
Customer segmentation is a project where we have to cluster the customers based on their similarity in reading the newsletters which we sent to them. Higher is the open rate higher the accuracy of the project.
 Clean the dataset and normalize the variable required.
 Apply Clustering algorithms like Clara, K-means, and Partitioning around medoids.
Tools/ Languages: Statistical R, Machine learning algorithms

• Gibberish detection India Limited October 2016 – December 2016
Gibberish detection is a project where we have the customer names and their address from our Rediff shopping website which might be sometimes a gibberish word. The customers those who entered a gibberish word might be a fraudulent customer. In order to remove them we are classifying the customers into good and fraud customers.
 Clean the dataset and produce a Corpus
 Apply text classification algorithm like k nearest neighbour and support vector machine
Tools/ Languages: Statistical R, Machine learning algorithms.

• Topic recommendation: India Limited May 2017 – Till Date
Topic recommendation is a project where we have the topic names of the articles published in Rediff editorial. The objective is to recommend a related news article to the user of which he is interested to read.
 Clean the dataset
 Apply association mining and clustering algorithms.
Tools/ Languages: Statistical R, Machine learning algorithms.

• Data Journalism/Rediff Labs India Limited June 2014 – Till Date

Data journalism is a journalism specialty reflecting the increased role that numerical data is used in the production and distribution of information in the digital era. It reflects the increased interaction between content producers (journalist) and several other fields such as design, computer science and statistics.

• Data Analyst at Rediff labs

• Written more than a 70 + data journalism articles at using Data Analysis
Tools/Languages: Statistical R, c3.js, Tableau, Microsoft Excel.

• News Topic API: India Limited (June 2017 to till date)
The Topic API acts as a classifier and assigns topics to news articles. The API takes in article headline and content as input and gives topics as output. It has Doc2vec part, NER and kmeans clustering which clusters the similar news which can be come under the same topic. I handle the maintenance part of the API where I give topics to the cluster formed.
 After the creation of the clusters name the clusters with proper topic name.
Tools/Languanges: Python, linux commands

 SWF Media Extractor: It is a tool for extracting media files and action scripts from Shockwave Flash file.
 437 – Emergency Doctor/ Donor consultancy services: This helps the people to consult doctor or blood donors through a phone call. It Got selected among 159 projects I TECHTOP 2012 organized by Techno park, Trivandrum.

 Two day workshop on “Robotics Technology” by SQUAMIS Technologies, Trivandrum.
 Attended workshop on “A Practical Approach to Secure Computing” organized by EC Council.

 Gender: Female
 DOB : 29-03-1993
 Nationality: Indian
 Languages known: Tamil, English.

Place: Mumbai [CHITHRA.R]