Alexandre Brutelle

Alexandre Brutelle


My project Politics Watch is the first online data-project about criminality in the public sphere. Its aim is to give the most accurate statistics on criminality in the french political life, this through press archives analyses. We have made researches on the past of around 1600 french officials so far, from the french Parliament, Senate, to the current government. Users can browse our database and view the criminal background of their own local representative in a few clicks.

My portfolio

My resume

I'm a freelance investigative journalist with five years of experience in editing, reporting and cooperating with various international networks and organizations.

I started my career as a freelance covering the Maidan movement from Kiev in 2014, soon before being hired as a chief editor assistant and journalist for a local French media based in Istanbul in 2015. There I covered a wide range of topics while also specifying myself in the coverage of various protests, during the tensed period of parliamentary elections. I was then also collaborating with French media outlets on the side, as a freelance.

These experiences led me to enter a Master program in journalism at the end of the same year and participate to several workshops related to investigative journalism, where I received training and support from members of organizations such as the OCCRP and the ICIJ. In 2016 I was back to Istanbul, working for the same media outlet, this time as part as a compulsory internship in order to validate my Master, while still publishing ground reports as a freelance.

While developing my own project from 2017 on, "Politics Watch", a criminal database about French politicians, I also cooperated to a cross-border investigation upon the invitation of the NGO CiFAR, specialized in asset recovery. Our work is soon to be published in three different countries.

I also temporarily worked as a press officer and a data analyst for the European Commission.