Eligibility & Rules

Who is eligible for an award?

The Data Journalism Awards honors outstanding work in the field of data journalism worldwide.

The awards celebrate the best in data-driven investigations, stories, websites, visualizations, news applications and projects that shed light on topics of public interest.  They also recognize individuals and teams that have done exceptional work in the field.

News organizations, media companies, individuals and freelance journalists are all eligible to enter the Data Journalism Awards. Works that are the result of a collaboration between news organisations may also be submitted, provided they serve a journalistic purpose.

However, work produced by journalists in partnership with government agencies, businesses or trade organisations with a stake – financial or otherwise – in the issue at hand are not eligible. Similarly, business data visualisations or projects produced for branding purposes are not eligible.

Members of the jury or the pre-jury will be required to recuse themselves from judging any category where there is an entry that includes work from an organization they are involved with, or if it includes work that involved significant input from them.

The Data Journalism Awards administrators have the final authority to determine whether an entry is eligible or not.

Competition Rules

Entries to the 2019 competition can be submitted until 7 April 2019 at 23:59 GMT. All work must have been published or aired between 26 March 2018 and 7 April 2019.

The finalists shortlisted for awards will be announced in May 2019, and the winning projects will be announced at the 2019 ceremony and gala dinner during the GEN Summit 2019.

All submission forms must be filled in English. Entries in languages other than English can be accepted provided that they are accompanied by thorough explanations of the work in English and a translation if possible. Words included in graphics, databases and web applications must also be translated. Radio material must be transcribed in English and video material must contain English subtitles. If a work originally published in a language other than English passes the pre-jury selection stage, applicants may be asked to provide additional information and translations.

Entries may have been published on any other media platform: online, radio, audio, broadcast, print or a combination of platforms.

Entries may include a single piece of work or a series of works.  In some categories, there is a limit on the number of examples of work that can be entered.

Applicants can submit multiple entries, but only one entry per category.

The jury and pre-jury may decide to move entries from a category if they believe it is more suited to a different category.

There are no submission fees.


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Frequently asked questions:

When can I apply?

Submissions for the Data Journalism Awards 2019 competition are now open. The deadline to apply is 7 April 2019 at 23:59GMT.


Can I apply more than once?

There is absolutely no limit to the number of projects you can submit. But only one entry should be submitted for the same project/story. If you feel your project would fit in several categories, you need to pick wisely. Not to worry though, if the jury feels it fits better in an other category, they will make the change during their voting process.


Can I submit my project on its own in one category and also include it in another application as part of a portfolio, either for the “Best individual portfolio”, “Best data journalism team”, or “student and young data journalist of the year” categories?

Yes, you can submit a project in one the “Best individual portfolio” or “student and young data journalist of the year” category (pick between the two depending on your age), and also include it as part of a “portfolio” category where up to ten links are accepted.


Do I have to translate the whole project in English?

The Data Journalism Awards 2019 application form needs to be filled in English. Any form filled in a language other than English will not be considered by our jury.

If your project is originally in a language other than English, you do not have to translate the entire piece, but you are required to submit a presentation of the project written in English. Components of graphics, apps and other interactives need to be translated to English so that our Jury of international experts can assess your work fairly.

If you have any questions, email Marianne Bouchart, Data Journalism Awards Manager, at mbouchart@globaleditorsnetwork.org


How can I go about submitting my portfolio for the “Best individual Portfolio”, “Best data journalism team”, and “Student and young data journalist of the year” categories?

You should submit only one form including a maximum of 10 links, so you have to pick wisely!


Do I really need to attach a picture?

Yes! A picture (jpeg, jpg, or png format) in good quality is required for every entry.


Can I add a video to my application?

There is a special section in the form where you can add a video url (not a video file though) to support your application.


Can some of the information in my application be kept private?

All the information submitted in the form may be published on the Data Journalism Awards website and viewable by members of the public. You can send documents or information you do not wish to share with the world (only with our jury made of international experts) to support your applications, directly via email, to Marianne Bouchart, manager of the competition at mbouchart@globaleditorsnetwork.org .