The Data Journalism Den is a global hub by the Global Editors Network, dedicated to serving the international data journalism community through the collaborative exchange of data, tools, and resources. The Den is open to all journalists, developers, designers, and organisations committed to the practice and development of data journalism. It is completely free.

Five months after the launch, our first figures

The Den features five sections: News, Community, Matchmaking, as well as Datastore, and Jobs, which will be coming up soon.

News – read about the latest trends and inspiring data journalism initiatives

The Den’s News section features examples of outstanding data journalism projects, insights about best practices and challenges, as well as exclusive content.

News includes curated links, updated daily, highlighting must-see works of data journalism, as well as stories about projects around the world, interviews, tutorials, announcements, information about new tools, and other content relevant to the data journalism community. In addition, features original content focused on data journalism. The Den also welcomes article submissions from its members.

Users are also able to subscribe to a newsletter that presents the essential reading about data journalism of the day.

Stay up to date about the latest developments in data journalism in News.

Community – join the global platform of data journalism specialists

Users of the Den are able to create detailed profiles, showcase their skills and motivations, and present examples of their work in the Community section. Members can also engage with each other through direct messaging.

Join the Den’s Community, and present your resume and skills in front of the data journalism specialists around the world.

Matchmaking – create and join inspiring data journalism projects

The Den fosters collaboration among members of the data journalism community through Matchmaking: Den members can present project ideas they have, and call for different kinds of help they need to kickstart the project: advice, funding, and teammates. Meanwhile, funders are able to submit a project description and seek applicants and grantees.

Once a project starts, the project leader can post updates about the development, while other Den users will be able to follow the project to stay up to date on its progress.

Turn your data journalism idea into reality, or find the dream project to join in Matchmaking.

Datastore – the new sharing platform for anyone in the data journalism field

The Den Datastore will aim to facilitate the sharing of datasets, products and services related to data journalism.

Many data journalism projects produce original datasets, but these often remain unutilised once the project is completed. Datastore will allow for the distribution and monetisation of these data, as well as tools and services that journalists and publishers develop in-house for their own data journalism projects.

Explore data and tools from data journalists around the world, or share your own resources in Datastore.

Jobs – the primary job board for the data journalism community

The Jobs section of the Den will feature ads specific to professionals involved or interested in data journalism. They will cover the whole range of related positions: from data journalists to visualisation experts, and from developers to graphic designers – and everything in between.

Publishers advertising their job opportunities on the Den will be able to get their job openings in front of the global data journalism community.

Discover your next career move on Jobs.

The Global Editors Network (GEN) is an international association of over 6,000 editors-in-chief and media executives with the mission of fostering digital innovation in newsrooms all over the world. GEN has three main programmes: the Data Journalism AwardsEditors Lab,  Startups for News, as well as the Den, the global hub for the international data journalism community. The organisation’s flagship event, the GEN Summit, gathers over 750 participants from 70 countries.