2019 Shortlist

Our jury of international experts has gathered and debated. The 607 projects we received this year have been reviewed, and the list is finally ready. 103 projects of the highest standards have been shortlisted for this year’s Data Journalism Awards competition.

We crunched the data from all projects submitted this year. Watch this video we’ve made:

26 countries are represented in the shortlist, with the US and the UK leading the pack. Submissions from Germany, Argentina, Cuba, Russia, and South Africa also made it to the shortlist.

73 organisations made the list. Among them are large organisations such as The Wall Street Journal (US), The Guardian(UK), Reuters(US), South China Morning Post(Hong Kong), Caixin(China) and Al Jazeera(Qatar); but also smaller teams such as Postdata.club(Cuba), J++(Sweden), andthe Mongolian Center for Investigative Reporting(Mongolia).

The shortlisted projects for this year’s Data Journalism Awards are, by category:


Award for innovation in data journalism

Copy, paste, legislate: We looked for legislation that was written by special interests. We found it in all 50 states, USA Today, The Arizona Republic, The Center for Public Integrity, United States

The Economist’s “Build a voter” models, The Economist, United Kingdom

Concrete and coral: Tracking expansion in the South China Sea, Reuters, United States

Facial recognition’s ‘dirty little secret’: Millions of online photos scraped without consent, NBC News, United States

RADAR – data journalism and automation to produce local news at scale,  RADAR, United Kingdom

Radmesser, Der Tagesspiegel, Germany

A whole presidential campaign categorized, Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil

This is what an analysis of the presidential candidates’ facial expressions reveals, O Estado de S. Paulo, Brazil


Award for student and young data journalist of the year

Kira Schacht, Deutsche Welle/Journocode, Germany

Juan Gómez, deputy editor for Rutas del Conflicto, Colombia

James Tozer, The Economist, United Kingdom

Jill Castellano: Following the Money in San Diego Elections, United States

Dada Lyndell, RBC.ru, Russian Federation

George Greenwood, BBC London, formerly The Times and Sunday Times, United Kingdom

Saimi Reyes, Postdata.club, Cuba


Best data journalism team portfolio (Large newsroom)

The Times & The Sunday Times data journalism team, United Kingdom

ProPublica News Applications Team, United States

Reuters Graphics team, United States

The Economist Data Team, United Kingdom

La Nacion data team, Argentina

The South China Morning Post Arcade, Hong Kong

DW Data, Germany

Bloomberg Graphics, United States

SPIEGEL Data, Germany

Telegraph Data Journalism Team, United Kingdom

The Guardian Data Projects Team, United Kingdom

The Wall Street Journal data and graphics, United States

Rappler team portfolio: Series of data stories on social media, disinformation, and democracy, Philippines

Caixin Vislab, mainland China


Best data journalism team portfolio (Small newsroom)

The Pudding, United States

Texas Tribune Data Visuals Team, United States

Center for Public Integrity, United States

Bureau Local Team, United Kingdom

FiveThirtyEight, United States

J++ (Journalism++), Sweden

Marshall Project, United States

Mongolian Center for Investigative Reporting, Mongolia

Postdata.club, Cuba

Media Hack Collective, South Africa


Best individual portfolio

Shane Shifflett, The Wall Street Journal, United States

Al Shaw, ProPublica, United States

Inga Ting, ABC News, Australia

Eva Belmonte, Civio, Spain

Roberto Rocha, CBC, Canada

Claire Miller, Reach Data Unit, United Kingdom

Ashley Kirk, The Telegraph, United Kingdom

Emily M. Eng, The Seattle Times, United States


Best use of data in a breaking news story, within first 36 hours

Indonesia plane crash, Reuters, United States

Every time Ford and Kavanaugh dodged a question, in one chart, Vox.com, United States

A test of 12520 heated words: Does Baijiahao really occupy Baidu’s search results? JieFang Daily, mainland China

State Capture and the R12-billion Bosasa was given, Mail & Guardian, South Africa

Graphic explainer: the deadly 43-minutes chat record of Puyuma Express derailment, READr, Taiwan

California is burning, USA Today, Redding Record Searchlight, United States

How the Thai cave rescue mission unfolded, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong


Data journalism website of the year

graphics.reuters.com, United States

The Pudding, United States

The Wall Street Journal data and graphics, United States

Hate Crime Watch, India

Postdata.club, Cuba

Storybench, United States


Data visualisation of the year

To See How Levees Increase Flooding, We Built Our Own, ProPublica, United States

Here’s How America Uses Its Land, Bloomberg Graphics, United States

Trapped in Paradise, The Wall Street Journal, United States

A year after the disappearance of the submarine ARA San Juan, La Nación, Argentina

How the monsoon could devastate Rohingya camps, Reuters, United States

Yemen: Death from Above – Every Saudi coalition air raid on Yemen since 2015, Al Jazeera, Qatar

How Brexit revealed four new political factions, The Guardian, United Kingdom

The race to save the river Ganges, Reuters, United States

How Trump’s Trade War Went From 18 Products to 10,000, The New York Times, United States

We can draw school zones to make classrooms less segregated. This is how well your district does, Vox.com, United States

How life has changed for people your age, ABC News, Australia


Investigation of the year

Hurricane Maria’s Dead, AP, Center for Investigative Journalism, Quartz, Puerto Rico, United States

Ocean Shock, Reuters, United States

Dying Homeless, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, United Kingdom

Miseducation, ProPublica and The New York Times, United States

Driver’s notebooks exposed Argentina’s greatest corruption scandal ever: ten years and millions of cash bribes in bags, La Nación, Argentina

Implant Files, AVROTROS and more than 50 media partners, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, NBC News Investigative Unit, The Associated Press, United States

Black box Schufa, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Der Spiegel, Germany

The Receipts of Power, Aftonbladet, Sweden

Recommended for you by YouTube: racism, antisemitism and misogyny:How YouTube fuels right-wing radicalization, de Correspondent and de Volkskrant news media, Netherlands

As Tons of Chicago Recycling Go to Dumps, a Private Firm Is Paid Twice, Better Government Association, United States

The Force Report, NJ Advance Media, United States


News Data App

Observatorio de Corrupción, Conocimiento Abierto y Asociación Civil por la Justicia, Argentina

St. Louis Crime Tracker, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States

Broadband speed map reveals Britain’s new digital divide, Financial Times, United Kingdom

Follow the NRA’s Spending on the 2018 Midterms, Down to the Last Dollar, The Trace, United States

Bloomberg Businessweek Best B-Schools, Bloomberg Businessweek, United States

Can You Afford to Retire, The Wall Street Journal, United States

The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant, The Marshall Project, The New York Times, United States


Open Data Award

The post-conflict numbers, Consejo de Redacción – www.consejoderedaccion.org / Colombiacheck.com, Colombia

Sold From Under You, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism and HuffPost UK, United Kingdom

OCCRP Data, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Database on proceedings against public officials, Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia, Serbia

Foreign Lobby Watch, Center for Responsive Politics, United States

FiveThirtyEight’s Open Data intiatives, FiveThirtyEight, United States


Public Choice Award

South Sudan Food Prices, The Washington Post, United States

The Clean” Political Discourse van”, Darkenu, Israel

This is how thin you have to be, to walk the catwalk, NOS, Netherlands

Spitz dogs or Staffordshire Terriers? How and why fashion for dog breeds has changed in Russia since 2000, BBC News Russian, Russian Federation

See How Your Salary Compares, The Wall Street Journal, United States

In certain places in Russia HIV takes more lives than car accidents, suicides and alcohol: research, RBC.ru, Russian Federation

Homicide, the main cause of death of the bodies that were repatriated to El Salvador, El Diario de Hoy, El Salvador

A day in a Spain without women, El Confidencial, Spain


We wish the best of luck to all shortlisted participants!